Now You Can Install Android 10 On iPhone 7 Via Project Sandcastle

Install Android on iOS
Installing Android on iOS

The Android and iOS platform are two distinct platforms and both have grown incredibly over the years. With Android, theirs no limit to what a user can achieve on a smartphone, the platform allows users to play with there devices software and hardware while is the total opposite on iOS.

If you’ve been around the Android community for sometime now, you should come across terms like rooting, custom recovery and custom ROMs which allows users to install a new OS on their devices just like formatting a PC and installing a new OS. The iOS platform has something similar but still has limited use, it is called Jail breaking.

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Never have I thought it could be possible to bring Android OS on iPhones, I know it sounds really stupid but I recently stumbled upon an impossibility which has been made possible, booting an Android OS on iPhones.

A group of developers working in a cyber security startup Corellium has shown that it is possible to boot Android OS on iPhones hardware, a project they called “Project Sandcastle.” The project enables users to run the latest Android 10 OS on the Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and iPod Touch, via the Chekra1n jailbreak.

Since Android is not meant to run on iPhones, you can’t possibly expert the beat performance from this project. While you can use the Android OS on the iPhone smoothly, some important features that would give you that smartphone experience are missing or not working. They include; Bluetooth, Camera, Audio Output, Cellular (Data) and GPU.

Project Sandcastle is still in beta development and could see improvement later on. At the moment Google Play store apps cannot be installed on the device, the only apps users will have access to are the preinstalled apps.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the team has managed to run Android on the iPhone. David Wang, one of the founders of Corellium, installed Android on the first generation iPhone, ten years back.

Installing Android on iPhone

To build Project Sandcastle, the developers used their own iPhone virtualization platform over which Apple sued Corellium last year. According to Apple, creating software versions of the iPhone is a copyright breach.

This tells us that tech giant Apple, isn’t too excited about the fact that one can/should run Android on iPhones.

Meanwhile, Corellium is of the opinion that Apple users should be able to do whatever they want with their hardware just like Android users.

“Apple’s dominance allows it to decide everything from what apps will be allowed in the market to the commission it charges from developers. Corellium’s solution to run Android on iPhone will finally provide customers with a viable alternative to Apple’s App Store and iOS.” Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton told Forbes.

If you wish to test the new hack on your iPhone, visit Project Sandcastle official website for download files and instructions.

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