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A few days ago I wrote an article on some of the best Android Emulators For PC. In the past, I have also written an article on how to install Android Marshmallow OS (Remix OS) on PC and today I’ll be sharing how to install Android Pie OS on PC. Although Android emulators are great for running Android apps on PC, most of the good Android emulators out there requires a high-performance PC to run effectively. However, in the case of Android OS for PCs, it doesn’t require a high-performance PC as it supports a wide range of PCs.

There are a lot of Android OS that you can dual boot on your PC and Bliss OS is one of the best I’ve come across. Bliss OS is an open-source project that lets you run Google’s Android OS for smartphones on your Windows PC.

While you might run into ads on other Android OS, Bliss Os is completely ads free and it doesn’t bring emulator-spam.

Bliss OS seems to be the only Android OS for PC that brings the actual Android experience to PCs. Bliss OS is based on Android x86 project and it provides smooth UI to the user. Unlike other Android OS for PC, Bliss OS offer unlimited customization support and even supports substratum theme engine for theming UI.

Android 9.0 Bliss OS is still in development and this release is still considered a beta release, so if you choose to install Bliss Android Pie OS on PC, proceed with caution.

Some of the known bugs in this build are:

  • Packages Manager tends to crash the system sometimes. In such case, you are required to wait and open a terminal. First, use $ su && svc wifi disable, and when it comes back, $ su && svc wifi enable
  • Screenshots do not work as of now
  • Video playback doesn’t function
  • Sound issues on different machines

How to Install Android Pie OS on PC

Follow these simple steps to install Android Pie OS on PC:

  1. Download the “.ISO” file
  2. Make sure you download the correct version of Bliss for your specific device to avoid crashes and errors.
  3. Create a bootable USB drive with a software like Rufus or power iso.
  4. Disable all options that try to boot security such as “Secure Boot” and “Bitlocker”
  5. Boot up the USB Drive
  6. Test Bliss OS in Live mode to make sure everything’s okay (if you have tried Linux before, you should know what I’m saying).
  7. Boot into the USB drive and install the OS.

Note, Bliss OS installation isn’t like Remix OS and other Android OS for PCs, you are advised to install Bliss with caution and understand the implications it goes wrong. You can get more information about the download and installation from XDA forum. visit this post.

If you need a video tutorial on how to install Android Pie OS on PC, kindly drop a comment and don’t forget to share this post. cheers.

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