Now You Can Send, Receive and Earn Bitcoin on WhatsApp

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Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies just got a lot better as a swiss-based crypto messaging platform known as Lite.IM have developed a simple tool which allows crypto traders to send and receive cryptocurrencies right from their WhatsApp messenger.

You don’t need to need to download any wallet app for this or register to any site. Just within your WhatsApp messaging platform, you can send and receive bitcoins.

The new Lite.IM WhatsApp bot will simplify cryptocurrency transaction process, bringing virtual currencies closer to the everyday person. Interestingly, this new tool comes with freebies, read on to find out more.

How to start sending and receiving Bitcoin on WhatsApp

Some of you may have used something like a Bitcoin miner bot on Telegram where you follow sets of instructions to go around mining, checking progress balance referring and others, I don’t know if those mining thing on Telegram actually works.

Well this is very similar to the Telegram mining bots only that this isn’t a Bitcoin miner, just a channel to exchange Bitcoin.

Here’s how to get started;

  1. First off, click here to add Lite.IM to your WhatsApp
  2. Once you’ve added, you’ll get a welcome message and an option to set your preferred language your language
  3. Next, you’ll be asked to choose a password to secure your account
  4. You’ve successfully added Lite.IM to your WhatsApp

Interesting, as a new users who just signup to use this bot for Bitcoin exchange, you can also earn free bitcoin simply by referring friends. This is one of the easier way you can actually earn free bitcoin from your home comfort.

Really cool…


Using the medium to exchange Bitcoin is pretty simple and straight forward, it just as like you’re using USSD code on your phone.

For the sake of those who would like to see how it really works, see steps below.

How to Receive Bitcoin on WhatsApp

To receive Bitcoin on your WhatsApp using Lite.IM, simply follow the simple steps

Send, Receive and Earn Bitcoin on WhatsApp
whatsapp bitcoin1
  1. Type 0 and press ‘Enter’, to reset the bot
  2. This will take you back to the option menu, now, type in 1 to receive BTC
  3. You’ll get two options on how you choose to receive BTC to choose from (QRcode or Wallet (BTC address))
  4. To receive BTC using QRcode, simply select 1 and proceed to the next step
  5. Or selected 2 to receive via BTC address, which is what I’m going to be using for this guide.
  6. Now, you simply want to send your QRcode or btc address to your friends / who ever you want to receive from and you’re good to go.

However, aside BTC, you can also receive other virtual currencies via your WhatsApp, like Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

How to Receive other Virtual Currencies

It’s really simple, just;

  1. Return to the main menu by typing ‘0’.
  2. Now, change your default currency by selecting 1
  3. Select the new coin you wish to set as default
  4. That’s it.

We all know the social networking and social media giant, of course, Facebook is working on it’s own cryto coin and a lot of you may be thinking this is it, well it isn’t. This is just a WhatsApp add-on like we’ve been seeing on Telegram and not FBcoin.

Note: This add-on doesn’t supports ERC20 tokens at the moment, which means earning airdrops via this means won’t be possible. However, we hope it gets included in the Future.


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