Nubia Red Magic 5G Will Launch With up to 16GB RAM

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16GB RAM has never been heard of on a smartphone, not until Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 Ultra last week with a whopping 16GB RAM, I mean that’s totally “sick”. While we’re still not sure the essence of 16GB RAM memory on a smartphone, since we already have 12GB RAM smartphones, Nubia wants to join the 16GB RAM league with it upcoming Nubia Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone.

The Nubia Red Magic 5G which was supposed to launch at the at MWC 2020 which got cancelled has just been announced by President of Nubia Technology, Ni Fei, on the popular Chinese social media site Weibo and will have up to 16GB of RAM. Since the Red Magic 5G will not be launching at the MWC 2020, Nubia has scheduled a press conference via Livestream to put the device on air.

The Nubia smartphone is more of a gaming phone, I guess this explains a little about the 16GB RAM. Ni Fei shared a screenshot of the Red Magic 5G’s about section showing the Custom OS, model, chip+modem, storage and kernel.


Nubia Red Magic 5G
Nubia Red Magic 5G About Phone

Ni Fei post also revealed that the Nubia Red Magic 5G will be the first 144Hz 5G smartphone on the market. Support for QHD+ 144Hz panels is supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, which was previously confirmed to be a part of the phone. The only modem that can be paired with it is the Snapdragon X55, which is a 5G modem.

Also, the device will be coming with 80W fast wired charging but unfortunately, it is incompatible with USB-PD specifications and is very likely to be proprietary. Using the 80W fast charge technology will generate more heat when the device is plugged in incredibly-fast charging technology can reduce the battery’s capacity over time

Mr Ni Fei says that the company devised a solution using the built-in fan of the Red Magic 5G in order to cool the battery while it’s charging. This not only maintains the battery’s longevity but also ensures the battery can be fast-charged for longer, reducing the charging time.


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