Olla Phone — OPay To Launch A New Smartphone Product

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New brands continue to surface under the Opera umbrella, the company who has recently launched OCar, a ride-hailing service in Nigeria to compete with the like of UBER and Bolt and still making waves with products like OPay, ORide, OList, Okash and others is now setting the ground to launch a new product “Olla” an Android powered smartphone.

The new Olla smartphone will feature a triple camera set up plus LED flash and a hole punch camera which of course will be AI powered.

OPay Olla phone will have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor and while there are no much tech details about the new product, it is expected to bag a minimum of 3GB RAM + 32GB/64GB onboard storage.

The smartphone will most likely run the latest Android OS, Android 9.0 Pie or even Android 10.

Opay Olla Smartphone
Opay Olla

OPay has been advertising the new Olla smartphone for a couple of days now, if you’ve attempted to long into your OPay app recently, you’ll notice the ads popping up leaving users wondering if Opera is diving into smartphone production this year 2020.

OPay is not yet done launching new products, as we expect to see more products launch this year and who knows if the Olla smartphone will be highly subsidized at launch to at least attract buyers.


Opera now has many product out there in the market but the smartphone idea seem off for me, but I still would love to see what the company is planning. For now, we don’t know if it’s a high-end smartphone, mid-range or budget smartphone.

However, I’m not expecting OPay to target the high-end market with their new device, they will mostly likely target the mid-range and budget market as this would be the perfect ground for them to attract customers.

While we’re waiting to get more information about the Olla smartphone from Opay. Tell us what you think about the device in the comment below.


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