Opera Launches The World’s First-Ever Gaming Browser – Opera GX

Online gaming (Browser gaming) has been around for quite a long time, unlike PC and smartphone games where you need to consider performance before installing/running a game, you only need a stable and fast internet connection to play games on your browser. Although you’ll comes across some browser games that requires a bit of performance to run smoothly, but most time it only just requires a fast internet connection.

To make browser gaming more fun and enjoy a seamless experience, Opera has decided to introduce a gaming browser called “Opera GX.” The new Opera GX browser is basically targeted at gamers who enjoy playing games on the web.

Opera GX – World First Gaming Browser

Opera GX is the world first browser dedicated towards gaming. The new Opera gaming browser for Windows comes with glowing neon interface with a touch of RGB feel. The browser also comes with personalization options so users can customizes the interface to there own taste.

One of the most interesting feature the Opera GX browser brings is the RAM Limiter and CPU Limiter feature which lets users control CPU and RAM usage on PC/laptop. What this feature simply does is, it allows users to allocate the desired CPU power or RAM he or she wish to use while running the browser. This feature can be found on the browser side bar as Opera GX Control Panel.

Opera GX Gaming browser

Allocating CPU and RAM limit simply helps users prevent the browser from using up the systems resources so that it won’t interfere with user’s experience in other apps.

The browser also comes with Twitch integration, giving users quick access to live videos from games streamers around the world, see who’s online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live. Users can access Twitch via the browser sidebar just above the Opera GX control panel.

Opera GX Twitch Integration

Additional features include a dedicated gaming news section called GX Corner where users will find trending news on all gaming category across all gaming platform. There’s also GX sounds, GX Design, and several other interesting features.

Lastly, Opera GX shares similar features with the standard Opera browser such as various social media app incorporation, the Video Pop Out feature, an in-built ad-blocker, and built-in VPN.

Opera has released an early access of the new gaming browser and its final version will arrive later this year.

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