OPPO Launches Hybrid Optical Zoom Technology

When it comes to smartphones camera, OPPO is one of those manufacturer that delivers great photo quality. After introducing 10X and 20X Zoom technology on it smartphones last year, OPPO wants to enhance its camera capabilities even more with its newly launched hybrid optical zoom technology.

The new camera technology is based on a periscope camera architecture that uses a seven-piece lens for better image results. It comes with autofocus and optical stabilization modules and uses a high-precision driver motor integrated circuit (IC) to provide a versatile medium-length focus imaging.

Oppo Hybrid Optical Zoom Technology
Shots from Oppo’s hybrid zoom technology

Oppo’s new hybrid optical zoom features a periscope-style camera module that allows focal length adjustment from 85mm to 135mm, along with f/3.3 and f/4.4 aperture. The optical zoom camera technology is further enhanced by a combination of multi-focus image fusion, multi-camera field-of-view angle alignment, and a super-scoring algorithm.

Also, there is a large size image sensor with up to 32MP and a four-in-one pixel binning technology. The effect is a full HD experience for capturing both near and far distance images. It also provides greater expansion potential for the development of wide-format and wide-angle imaging technology.

According to the company, the hybrid optical zoom technology will deliver a sharp and clear (lossless image) experience across all focal lengths and allow consumers to experience “what you see is what you get” photography.

The new camera technology is expect to arrive on smartphones in the future. Recall that the company also recently launched it latest 125W fast charge technology for smartphone, it is possible we get to see all this feature in Oppo’s future flagship devices. For now, there’s no word on when the feature will debut on a smartphone.

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