Protect Your Android device from Malicious Apps on Google PlayStore

There are thousands of mobile apps in Google PlayStore and you’ll never know when you’ll install a malicious app. Some of these apps include Antivirus engines that claim to protect your device against virus, malware, trojan, ransomware etc. But actually, these apps are infecting your device and not protecting it.

How to protect your Android device from Malicious Apps on Google PlayStore

A cybersecurity firm RiskIQ, have discovered seven apps on Google Play Store which are related to WannaCry Ransomware. Several Antivirus apps have flooded Google play store and these apps demand excessive permission compare to any average app permissions which include, knowing your phones’ wake password.


Hundreds of apps (Antivirus) claims to be defending your device but instead preying on you by pushing adware, trojan or malware. Security researchers at McAfee already warned Android users to stop downloading apps from Play Store that claims to protect you against WannaCry Ransomware.

Fernando Ruiz, a Security Researcher at McAfee stated “There has been a recent rise in fake WannaCry “protectors,” apps that use fear ande hystria around the self-propagating ransomware to drive downloads, even though mobile systems.

RisKIQ found out that of 4,292 antivirus apps, 525 set off malware alarms. You will be shocked to know that out of 525 apps 508 were found in the Google PlayStore itself.

Also, a security analyst at RiskIQ, Forrest Gueterman said: “Google Play is one of the most reputable app stores in the world, so the fact that so many reside there shows the dangers facing mobile app consumers,”.

Although Google has a security measure for scanning apps before publishing on Playstore, Google’s systems can be tricked into publishing these apps and this open path for malware to hit Google PlayStore.

Few tips for you:

-Download apps from official stores
-Review permission request before attempting to install
-Check the app review and ratings

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