Qualcomm Now In Control Of Mobile Technology As They Unveil Snapdragon 855

Tech companies have enticed consumers with a lot of A.I, multiple camera lens and whatnots this year. The topmost devices in the second half of this year have been noisy about one or both of this tech. That is so much work and OEMs would be proud of their works throughout the year. But as a lot of us might not know, these things are far beyond the hardware or software as for the A.I and other similar techs.

The processors have a big hand in this, and you might just have to reckon with them from now on. To carry out specific high-end tasks with so much efficiency, one would require a high-end processor optimized to yield the best results at that time. You now know why the smartphones with the big processors are more often than not the biggest phones. This actually backs up the fact that the processors are the brain of the computer. They create an enabling platform for this new features to function and that is why Qualcomm’s Snapdragon has launched the 855.

Expectedly, 2019 would be a year of some brand new tech in the mobile world. An inevitable one has been the 5G network although we have the foldable insight already. Snapdragon 855 has been developed to be the leading light for the all the innovating tech leading to 2019. Even though some phone manufacturers don’t make use of it, a majority does. Let’s hope that the likes of Apple and Huawei that prefers their bionic chip and Kirin processors are not left behind.

What Snapdragon 855 Can Do

The Qualcomm processor has to be said to be specially arranged for next-generation tech. Including the in-display fingerprint sensor, 5G network, advanced heights of A.I ( artificial intelligence). It definitely will be able to accommodate more features even once that is not talked about right now.

But Qualcomm has laid a lot of emphasis on snapdragon 855 and it’s capabilities with the 5G network. Unlike Snapdragon 845 which was built for super-fast LTE network, 855 is cool for the Next-Gen network.

Qualcomm also recently released an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The 3D Sonic sensor uses a technology that bounces sound waves off the skin. The approach has been deemed easy and convenient for use. This would mean that a larger number of smartphones will come with the in-display fingerprint feature come 2019. For devices that will adopt the ultrasonic fingerprint tech, it is imperative that the Snapdragon 855 processor is going to be used alongside.

Is This Samsung Galaxy S10 Already?

It isn’t to see Qualcomm partnering Samsung if it for processors and SoCs. For as long as I can remember now, Samsung has always had a Snapdragon processor on it. There are some Exynos sometimes too but we have absolutely no reason to think Snapdragon 855 won’t be on the Samsung S10. And for all the wait the world have had on the in-display fingerprint with Samsung, Qualcomm might just have the answer with the Soundwave in-display sensor. S10 has also been touted a 5G phone. With Snapdragon 855 recent launch, we now have an idea of how things might begin next year.

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