Reasons More Than One Antivirus Program On Your PC is Bad

At a point, I used to believe having multiple Antivirus packages installed on my PC will make my PC 100% Virus-free. But, I was wrong. I used to have Avast free Anti-virus installed alongside USB disk Smadav antivirus because I needed to keep my PC completely safe.

Maybe two heads are better than one but that isn’t the case with Antivirus software. One good antivirus software is good enough for your PC and if you’re on Windows 10, the Windows security does the security job well. So, you don’t really need another antivirus software, except the Windows 10 security doesn’t offer a security feature you really need.

For Windows 10 security, however, It is recommended that you update it from time to time to get the best protection on your Windows 10 PC. That also applies to every other antivirus software available online.

Why Having More Than One Antivirus Program On Your Computer is Bad?

Multiple Antivirus Program

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Here are the main reasons multiple Anti-virus systems is not healthy for a PC.

Conflicts in Operation:

When you have two antivirus programs running on your computer, the two programs will try to perform the same monitoring and security task to protect your PC from viruses attacks. If a virus is detected on your computer, both programs spring into action at the same time and rather than taking care of the virus, both programs end up struggling for resources, making them redundant and their functions defeated. That is equivalent to not having an antivirus system running on your laptop.

Causing system to slow Operation:

This is associated with conflicts in operation. As the two antivirus programs are in collision with each other to put the viruses away from your PC, they end up consuming a lot of system resources in the process, and this will lead to reducing your PCs performance. If you want to speed up your pc, you should keep just one antivirus program installed.

Detecting System files as Virus

As a result of competition for dominance on your computer, the two antivirus packages generally tend to misbehave. First, they start seeing each other’s program files as viruses and they may also begin to see your windows system files as viruses as well. The battle for dominance makes the antivirus programs lose their ‘Manner of operation’.

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Keeping your computer safe from viruses is very important as they can cause a lot of damages, however, having multiple antivirus programs installed isn’t the best solution. As mentioned earlier, Windows 10 users running the latest builds don’t need to have another antivirus program installed. The Windows 10 security program is good enough.

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