Reasons Why You Should Not Root Your Android Smartphone

Rooting of a Android smartphone is indeed a way to get a whole lot of new mobile experience from your device, but however rooting your device on the other hand exposes your device to greater danger and I don’t really advice smartphone users to do this except they know and understand what it means to have their device rooted.

Reasons Why You Should Not Root Android Device

》 Instability Of Apps

You might think for a second that rooting your device is actually the best thing to do but it also has it’s side effects. You may begin to get force closes on your pre-installed apps and probably side loaded apps as well.

》 Sim Card Detection Problem

Rooting your device can also counter your device able to detect sim cards since is vulnerable and without the ability of your device to recognize and load network guage, your device is good as nothing but junk.

》 Longer Boot-time Process

Your device in this state tends to run slowly and take a longer time to boot and this part really can be really frustrating. In time your devices would begin to create some unnecessary files file and folders which may be impossible to delete and by that eats up your entire storage capacity.

The first time I had to mess with my device and it ended in a boot loop (soft brick), at first I didn’t understand what it meant. I tried switching on my device and it continued to display the boot animation over and over until I got it fixed by an engineer but that really is not a worst case scenario. You don’t want to bump into a hard brick.

》CPU lag

Just like i mentioned earlier on, your device becomes to responds slow because of insufficient space on device memory. But also at that piont your device CPU response slower and makes it difficult for your device to carry out operations efficiently

》Prone To Attack

Hackers can easily manipulate their way round into your smartphone, because it become even more vulnerable when it is rooted and not just that, it is also prone to virus attack and makes your device unsecured.


All these and more can damage your phone. This issues i have faced once an Android enthusiasist so I’ll tell you this, root your phones only if you know what you’re up against but although there are great advantages like installing custom ROM, game hacks, device customization e.t.c However you’re messing with your device and keep in mind also that your warranty has been voided once you gain root access to your device.

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