Research: You’ve Been Killing Your Phones Battery All Along

Charging your smartphone battery is essential in other to keep your smartphone running all the time, the manner in which we charge, however, has been killing our battery cells and degrading the battery life. According to recent research published by the battery university community, we’ve been charging our phone’s battery wrongly. Some of us may already be aware of this research publication but for the rest of us who has no idea about this, you’ve been breaking the battery rules.

I guess a lot of us still charge our smartphones overnight, don’t we?

This helps us get our device ready for use throughout the next day or half, or maybe some hours, depending on the smartphone’s battery. Plugging your phone through the night is pretty handy, as you don’t get to use it in the process, making it charge faster and giving your device the juice it needs.

But, this is very wrong, you’re abusing your battery. However, that’s no the only way you’ve been abusing your battery, read on to find out more.

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Battery community has decided to come to our rescue and give us tips to how we should charge our battery and prolong its life.

Don’t charge your phones battery too often

Charging overnight is very common among smartphone users especially in a country like mine. But it turns out that charging frequently in a small percentage actually does more good to the battery’s health.

It doesn’t matter if you only charge up 10% or 20%, according to Battery University: “Partial charges cause no harm.”

Never Charge your battery from 0 to 100%

Avoid charging your phone’s batteries from 0 to 100 per cent at all costs. This is bad for your battery and will wear it out quicker. Rather, keep your battery life somewhere between 65% and 75% per cent.

Immediately, your battery enters the red zone, boost it to reasonable %, not 100. Don’t wait until you see 1% before plug in your charger. According to Battery University;
The modern lithium-ion batteries do “not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so.” and
it is better not to fully charge because a high voltage stresses the battery”. causing it to wear out.

Don’t use your phone while charging

We’re really fond of using our smartphones while it’s plugged in and this is very bad. Batteries hate the heat, and during the process of charging and usage, the phone generates a lot of heat which can damage the battery (even the phone itself). You may also like how to optimize battery and charge faster on Android smartphones.

Follow these rules and you’ll have no cause to worry about your battery’s health, break it and face the consequences. Your choice…

    • It’s so funny that I’m actually part of this set of people. Breaking the rules in this case, however, is as a result of poor power supply. Although I have a backup phone, but seeing my main phone go red is not something I like at all.

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