Samsung Finally Revealed Its Foldable Smartphone

After a lot of speculations, the Chinese tech giant finally shows off it much anticipated foldable smartphone at its November Developer Conference which kicked off 3 days ago. Although the tech giant only showed a prototype, it surely gave us a concept of what to expect.

The new foldable phone introduces Samsung’s new Infinity Flex Display technology. I guess we’re all aware that this year, manufacturers has focused more on device camera and with all we’ve seen so far, next year will bring new innovations.

According to Samsung, the all new Infinity Flex Display is the future of smartphones and there’s no doubt about that. The search giant, of course Google has already added Android support for foldable screen, so, we should expect more foldable devices next year.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Samsung’s senior vice president of mobile marketing showed of the company’s first foldable phone. The device has this thick look, but i won’t call it Ugly, since it’s a prototype, we expect the final release to come with a sleek design.

Samsung Finally Revealed Its Foldable Smartphone

The device folding mechanism is the same has the newly launched Flexipai, it’s a regular phone when folded and a tab when its opened. Interestingly, users will be able to run three apps at the same time on this device. This is not minimizing one app for the other, no, Samsung calls it multi-active windows, you can open three apps side-by-side on the screen and use without minimizing one for the other to come up.

Samsung also said their display is super-durable and one can fold it hundreds of thousands of times and the display will remain intact.

Samsung didn’t reveal much technical specs of this device, however, when the device is closed and looks more like a regular phone, it displays a 4.58 inches full screen touch with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Samsung says the device has a resolution of 840×1960 on a 420 DPI.

The Main Display however, is 7.3 inches, has a 4.2:3 aspect ratio. It has a resolution of 1536×2152 and also with a screen density if 420 DPI.

Other specs are yet to be announced, although Samsung said the device will come with a good performance.

As for the name, Samsung has not made it official yet but we’re hoping to get more details of this device probably at CES 2019.

So what do you think if the new Samsung foldable smartphone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more update.

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