Report: Samsung’s Galaxy F Will Be A Limited Edition Smartphone

While we’re still expecting the South Korean tech giant Samsung to reveal it much anticipated foldable smartphone which is expected to be unveiled at the company’s developer conference  November next year, a lot of rumours has been going around. According to the latest report from Patently Apple, the Samsung Galaxy F as rumors have it will not be mass produced.

As much as many of us would love to lay hands on the Samsung’s foldable smartphone, it might hurt you to know that the device will be limited. Now, the next question that arises in our minds is, why? And the answer is the folding display.

I guess you’re probably wondering why the display is responsible for this. Well, let me clear you.

We all know Samsung has been making use of Corning’s Gorilla glass for its displays and since the well-known glass makers could not produce flexible panels, the South Korean tech giant developed a ‘polyimide transparent plastic film,’ a flexible and durable clear adhesive for bonding the display.

This film protects the display placed beneath and is a crucial component of the foldable smartphones responsible for flexibility and durability.

For the production of this film, Samsung has surprisingly chosen a smaller Japanese firm Sumitomo Chemical over the major South Korean supplier Kolon Industries.

Samsung chose the Japanese supplier simply “because they could meet small supply orders.”

It confirms that the foldable smartphones will be manufactured in limited quantities and once the new form factor proves to be successful, the company may tie-up with Kolon for bulk production.

Given that the production scale is what determines the price of the product, the Galaxy F might hit the shelves for a whopping $2,000.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is also expected to arrive early next year, but the tech world is already buzzing with a slew of leaks and rumors such as 5G support and a five-camera setup.


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