Samsung Galaxy S10 To Feature Incredible Upgrades

In-Display Fingerprint, 3D Sensor Tech, A 6.2-Inch Sound-Emitting Display, Edge-To-Edge Glory

The Galaxy S9 remains one of the best smartphones of the South Korean tech giant Samsung and has even gotten a lot of rivals lately. HTC U12 Plus has recently launched also and it houses remarkable specs which allow it to go head to head with S9 in comparison. However, according to latest reports, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be getting some pretty cool upgrades like In-Display fingerprint sensor, 3D sensor, 6.2-Inch Sound-Emitting Display and Edge-To-Edge Display.

What We Should Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S10

There has been many news and report regarding the next flagship device of the South Korean giant Samsung, a lot of rumoured specs, price, release date, leaks and images.

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Samsung is introducing a bunch of new technologies to it much anticipated phone S10, which is expected to launch in 2019. Samsung may be leaving others behind by replacing the iris scanner with a new 3D scanner for facial recognition and some other feature we’ll be discussing as you read on.

Iris scanning technology has been one of the latest technology which Samsung has integrated into the Galaxy S phones, allowing users to unlock their phone using the eyeballs.

Unfortunately, iris scanner may not be coming to S10 as the technology has increasingly become obsolete and requires more accuracy when positioning to unlock a device according to reports on The Bell. Instead, S10 will feature a face-recognising 3D-sensing camera – like the Apple Face ID; along with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Samsung is believed to have been struggling with the in-display fingerprint and for this reason, the Note 9 will not get this feature making the S10 a candidate for it.

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Samsung plans to make the S10 a full-screen edge to edge device, which means we’re looking at a true bezel-less option. Also, the company is introducing a 6.2 Inch sound emitting display, also leading to no speaker on the front view. Interestingly, the device will use vibration from the screen for calling and others.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t be the first to launch with the on-screen sound technology, it already appeared recently on the newly launch Vivo Nex device. The Vivo company called it Sound Screencasting, which places all the sensor under the device 6.59-Inch OLED panel.

The Galaxy S10 screen has been improved to the point that you can use the device conveniently underwater – taking pictures and even record a full-length video.

In addition, latest rumours about the S10 reveals that the device will have a High-performance Soc(Custom CPU, GPU and NPU), 5G Baseband, UFS 3.0, LPDDR5, 3D+Ai.

So what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S10 new developments? tell us.

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