Samsung Galaxy S10+ To Get A More Expensive 5G Variant: Report

Until now, the race among smartphones manufacturer has been about bezel-less displays, performance and camera. Now, however, it seems smartphone manufacturers have started a new race of mobile networks in the smartphone world. According to the latest report from The Bells, Samsung may be planning to launch a 5G variant of the Galaxy S10+ which might cost a fortune.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ With 5G Support

Early this year AT&T was reported launching mobile 5G service by late 2018. Smartphone manufacturers are already planning to release a 5G-ready phone next year and even Lenovo is expecting to be the first to introduce 5G phone and Samsung, reportedly, will not stay behind.

The S10 series will be unveiled January next year at the next CES (Customer Electronics Show). Samsung’s lineup includes three S10 models codenamed Beyond 1, Beyond 2, and Beyond 3. However, the first device (Beyond 1) is still a mystery, while Beyond 2 is the name for standard S10, and Beyond 3 will be the S10+.

According to The Bell’s report, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is going to be available with a 5G variant next year. The device will pack the same specifications as the standard S10+ but will have a larger display and feature an alleged five-camera setup.

We all know the Galaxy Note 9 came with a price tag $1,200 and since Samsung is incoporating 5G into their next flagship also means the device will have 4-5 network antenna, which also means a higher cost against the standard S10+ model.

Already, many network providers in the US have started testing the network speed and in another news, manufacturers have tied up with Qualcomm to produce 5G devices started next year.

As 5G is the latest technology among manufacturers, Samsung is even planning something bigger which will soon make headlines, the Galaxy F.

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