Samsung Galaxy S10 To Get A Feature That You Won’t Find On Any iPhone

After the launch of the Apple’s iPhone X which introduces a notch design, we’ve seen a lot of other manufacturers adopting the new design from Apple. Even the search giant Google has launched a series of devices featuring the notch design. However, the Samsung manufacturer has remained unique with their design and now taking a leap ahead of the tech giant Apple by adding a feature to its next flagship device (Galaxy S10), that which you’ll not find on any iPhone.

There have been many rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S10, some suggested that the S10 will feature a 3D facial recognition tech, a 6.2 Inch sound emitting display and many other features yet to be seen in any iPhone.

The Galaxy S10 will launch next year and if the rumours are true, the S10 will catch the attention of all technology enthusiasts. But one thing users may be really concerned about is whether the Samsung S10 will have a notch or not.

First off, Samsung always has a unique concept for their devices, so, to say the S10 will copy the iPhone X’s design, I don’t think so.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, remember the South Korean giant already released an “Ingenius” video where the notch design “wasn’t really appreciated”. And if Samsung eventually launches a smartphone with notch then it’ll be a slap on thereface.

In a previous article, we also mentioned features like the in-display fingerprint which many believe the tech giant Apple has failed to incorporate in their device. Rumours also claims the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a 5 camera setup. Already we’ve seen a device like Huawei P20 Pro feature a 4 camera setup currently has the best camera on DxOMark. The S9, however, ranks 4th position but with S10 rumoured camera setup, if at all is true, we’re hoping to see a better camera.

Sony recently unveiled the world’s highest resolution camera for smartphones which surpasses the P20 pro camera and every other smartphones camera to say. The new Sony IMX586 which will begin shipment in September is likely to find its way to the S10 since the device is also launching next year.

Everyone is curious to see the new Galaxy S10. But one thing is certain. Samsung will do anything to distance itself from the iPhone X and see any association with Apple’s current top-tier as a minor defeat. The latest videos released by the Korean brand’s marketing team show that.

The natural evolution of technology indicates that in the future the tech giant Apple will abandon the notch. But for that to happen all the sensors have to be placed under the screen. This implies large manufacturing costs and, in a sense, the technology is not yet ready; That’s why, for now, the tech giant Apple’s decisions make sense.


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