Samsung is Ready To Ditch Micro SD Card Slot For Good

Smartphone manufacturers have been producing smartphones with a huge amount of internal storage and this has really been a great change in the smartphone market but now Samsung is increasing the threshold of mobile storage devices to handle our ever-increasing amounts of multimedia contents by adding half a terabyte to next generation smartphones.

This next piece of news in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S9 should, obviously, be taken with a grain of salt. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, and the Note 8 did many of their consumers a major favour by offering a base model of 64GB on the devices. Considering the digital contents we consume, 64GB is definitely huge. You can without much of a stretch, load up your internal storage downloading high-quality movies for long plane rides or just taking top-notch recordings and pictures. 

Samsung is Ready To Ditch Micro SD Card Slot For Good

Samsung might be prepared to accomplish something very crazy. A report on BusinessWire reviewed that Samsung might take a gander at including a 512GB alternative for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Recently, they have been producing that size of eUFS storage which is meant for mobile phones.The read speed on this chip will achieve up to 860MB/sec and the write speed of 255MB/sec. Samsung is yet to mention when this chip will be ready, but rather we may consider it to be soon as the Galaxy S9 hits the world. Providing the huge amount of storage on a smartphone may possibly mean that Samsung is ready to ditch the micro sd card slot for good.

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