Samsung Is Working On ARM-based Exynos Processor For Windows PCs

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Samsungs is one of the few phone makers that manufactures its own processors (Exynos processors) for smartphone and have been doing quite well for years. The Exynos processor have made there ways into several Samsung flagship devices but has always been behind the Snapdragon models. With the Galaxy S20, fans got really disappointed in the performance difference of the Qualcomm model which even lead to an online petition with fans requesting Samsung to switch to Snapdragon processors for its devices. However, it doesn’t seem like the South Korean tech giant is giving up on its Exynos chip and according to reports, the company is even trying to extend its chips presence to PCs as well.

Samsung is reportedly developing a new ARM-based Exynos chipset for Windows PCs. But Samsung isn’t the first to go in this direction, back in 2017, Microsoft partnered with popular chip maker Qualcomm to allows Windows 10 run on ARM-based Snapdragon chips. I should also remind you that Apple recently announced its new ARM-based A12Z Bionic chip for future MacBooks which makes the chip maker market unpredictable for Intel.


The new ARM processor will be based on the Exynos 1000, and it could be called Exynos 1. The report also suggest that the Exynos 1000 could be built using Samsung’s 5nm EUV process and it could use the Cortex-X1 CPU core that was recently announced. According to some leaks, the Exynos 1000 will also power the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung has already prototyped a PC version of Exynos 990 — its flagship processor that powers the Galaxy S20. However, the company doesn’t feel confident about it yet, and is, therefore, relying on a new chip.

Although Samsung’s in-house Exynos processors are great, they often lose to their competitors in terms of processing power. However, It will be interesting to see how the Exynos PC version stands up against other ARM-based processors.


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