Save Photo Status With WhatsApp Story Saver, Apk Download

WhatsApp story saver is an app that saves those Snap-chat kind of video that now hangs on WhatsApp. A lot of time you see your friends/family update some cool and really amazing stories on their Status and you want to save that to your device gallery, but unfortunately, WhatsApp hasn’t added a save option for status. But with Story saver, you’re just one button away. Let’s meet this wonderful app.

Story saver App for saving WhatsApp stories

With Story saver App, you can get that video or photo saved with just one touch. For dudes that like to get it done faster, this is the perfect application to do that. With story saver, all you need is just a few clicks and that does the magic.

story saver apk-application for whatsapp photos

It will be a complete shocker to know that some WhatsApp users can’t save Whatsapp photo status or WhatsApp stories {whichever you call it}. Meaning you will have to ask your contacts to send to you? Nahhh. That’s just too old school.

We countered this earlier right here and I trust that core reader of this blog will have no problems with that. But just in case you missed that class, here’s the manual way of saving a WhatsApp status story from inside your file explorer without no App.

That Snapchat-like feature has made our chat a lot more interesting, users can watch quick interesting videos and it has created a lot more engagement among contacts.

How to use Story saver App

This app is so simple to use and self-explanatory for you to handle well on first use;

  • Firstly, open App after download and complete installation,
  • Select recent stories to see stories that are currently on your profile,
  • Tick you preferred choices and hit the save button {the down arrow symbol}

story saver apk-application for whatsapp photos

That’s all.

Inasmuch as this is so cool, I feel knowing how to do this without an application is equally or even more important than having the App alone. Reason being, there could be situations where you can’t readily get an App to help out. So now you have more than a handful options, Enjoy!

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