See Huawei Nova 4 With The Interesting New Notch design Called Infinity-O Notch

The healthy competition in the world of tech, mobile phone world specifically has led to a lot of positives. OEMs have been more innovative with their releases, setting and equalling standards day by day which has, in turn, provided users with so much quality.

Huawei has hyped a device which is said to be the companies upcoming device, but we can’t have this conversation without mentioning Samsung. This is because the device tagged Huawei Nova 4 has the infinity-O-display notch.

Although little or no concrete information is made public yet concerning the Nova 4, we can confirm that a Huawei device with the infinity-O-display notch is coming your way this winter.

Samsung Announced The Infinity-O Notch Trend At SDC 2018

Before now, Google has big role players in the appearance of smartphone devices. The South Korean company invented the edge-to-edge and infinity display while other brands gave into it. But the Apple came up with the Notch. But with Samsung criticizing the notch, the company needed to go by something a little more different.

Even though Infinity-O is also a kind of notch, Samsung chose to thread a different path. And now they introduced the Infinity notch display series. This includes the infinity-O, infinity-U, infinity-V. We’ve already seen the infinity-O in devices like Oppo F9 in August, so it’s not so strange. While the infinity-V is a little bizarre one that hasn’t gone around a lot, the so-called Huawei Nova 4 goes with the infinity-O display.

What To Expect With The Huawei Nova 4

Although the device is was unnamed in its official teaser, there is an idea of what to expect. Like we said about the appearance, there is a camera hole on the left side of the screen, replacing the traditional notch. It might come with four cameras also. Two at the front and two on the rear side. The company’s own Kirin 980 chip is tipped to make it, up to 6GB of RAM and Android 9.0 Pie O.S are all expected. We will keep you updated as more details unfolds.

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