You Can Now Reply To A Specific Message In Messenger (Quoted Replies)

WhatsApp Like Quoted replies

Finally, Facebook is updating its Messenger with a long-awaited feature, quoted replies. Quote to reply feature has been available on WhatsApp for a long time and some other popular instant messenger apps, and now Facebook is finally bringing the feature to Messenger.

The ability to reply to a specific message in a conversation will make chat a lot more interesting on Messenger especially in the case of group chats.

Messenger quoted replies

Some users claims they’ve been using this new feature for months already, this can only mean that Facebook has secretly rolled it out to specific region and now making it global.

According to the company, the new quote to reply feature will give room for threaded messages, allowing the users to reply specifically to one message without messing around the full message thread.

How to use the Quoted Replies feature

Messenger quoted replies

The new feature works the same way as WhatsApp quoted reply, however, it doesn’t have the swipe to reply feature. You simply need to long press on a message and tap the newly included reply icon that pops up along the smiley tray.

Interestingly, users can also with videos, GIFs, images and emojis, this will make the chats even more fun.

This update is coming just a few weeks after rumours, that the company is planning to create a cross-platform system that would unite WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. So, it makes sense that Facebook is bringing similar features to the app to create an environment where all three apps can fit in easily if the merging eventually comes around.

So, what do you think about this new update? share your view and thoughts in the comment section below.

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