You Will Buy Items You Snapchat Immediately All Thanks To Amazon

You’ve seen that new designer sneakers with some nice laces, perfect height and a ‘just what you want’ overall design, you might need to Snapchat it to get one of those. In recent developments, Snapchat has announced that it will combine efforts with Amazon to bring products to you in a seamless way.

The selfie-oriented platform is about to let users search for items on Amazon using their smartphone’s camera and the app to identify products. This feature tagged ‘Visual Search’ was reported earlier this year and Amazon will be taking advantage of it.

Snapchat Visual Search For Amazon Shopping

After taking a shot of your desired item or a barcode, the App will then present them with an Amazon card with a link for that product or similar ones. This is business for Snapchat and Amazon while it will appear to be an improvement of the App in the eyes of its users.

Amazon visual search for Snapchat
Image: Snap

“Beginning this week, we’re testing a new way to search for products on Amazon right from the Snapchat camera,” the company announced.

“We’ll be rolling it out slowly, but we wanted to announce it to everyone at the same time,” it added.

This means that even items that you are not familiar with or you simply do not know their names, can be bought easily. A deal like this will see Snapchat generate even more revenue so much revenue that could see the company compete with Instagram and the likes.

After Amazon rolls out on Snapchat, I wonder if Jumia or Konga will follow suit ????


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