Sony’s PlayStation 5 Games Event Will Hold On June 11

Fans around the world have been waiting for the PS5 games event, the event which was initially scheduled for June 4 but had to be postponed due to the ongoing protest in the US. Sony, however, has now scheduled another date for the event and has been confirmed in a recent blog post that the upcoming PS5 event is will be held on June 11 at 1 pm Pacific time/9 pm BST.

Sony will be showing off PS5 games during the event which will be launched later this year according to Sony’s Interactive CEO, Jim Ryan, said in the blogpost. The streaming will last for about an hour, he said.

The event will be streamed at 1080p and 30fps. Sony did this to make ease of the production process since the entire Sony team is working from home due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Sony also mentioned in the blogpost that the games fans would see on Thursday will “look even better when you play them on PS5 with a 4K TV, as you’d expect. “

Sony also recommends that viewers wear headphones while streaming the event. That is because Sony planned some cool audio work in the show, probably to show the 3D audio capabilities of PS5.

Sony hasn’t revealed its next gen console design, and we may finally get to see what it is like at the event. PS5 will feature a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, a custom AMD RDNA 2-based GPU, 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, and a proprietary SSD with 825GB of storage and 5.5GB/s of performance. The DualSense controller will have haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, an integrated microphone, and a USB-C port.

More details about the console will be revealed at the event, so, stay tuned.

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