Still Doubting If The Oyi-1 Smartphone is Real? See This

While we’re are still waiting for BeepTool to announce the distribution date of the OYI-1 smartphone, I keep hearing from some guys that the new innovation is probably a scam just because they’ve failed to keep to their promises from last year. The company initially said it’ll announce distribution date in December last year but we never got to see an update and just a couple of weeks ago, the company came out to tell us they needed to verify individuals who are eligible to have the device. Read more about the eligibility here.

Now, in a recent update, the company shared a short video which gave us a reason to believe that the company is no scam. In the video, the company’s manager Michael IhinmiKaiye and the COO Michael Ige explauned how the phone is expected to make life easier for Nigerians living under N18,000. Also, the company’s CEO John Enoh also talked a built in nano technology in the device which will let people in rural areas where Telecommunication is not present be able to use their service.


So, if you already pre-ordered for the Oyi-1 Smartphone, be rest assured that you’ll get your device once the company starts shipping. And for those who may want to pre-order for the device, the 1st phase pre-order has been closed, so you’ll have to wait until the company announce it second phase before you can pre-order.

I understand a lot of you guys are running out of patience but I want to tell you it’s worth it. Although there are some part of the companies policy I personally don’t like but again I guess it’s part of the development. You can read more about their policy on the website.

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