TCL’s Foldable Phone Has Two Hinges And Folds Like A Ladies’ Wallet

We’ve seen several foldable smartphone since the launch Flexipai in 2018, the very first foldable smartphone. We seen the Galaxy Fold from the South Korean tech gaint, of course Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi foldable smartphone concept and several others form factors, however, TCL has a different approach to foldable smartphone with it’s latest concept.

The new TCL’s foldable phone displays two hinges which lets the device to fold both inwards and outwards simultaneously. Having two hinges also tells us that the device uses triple screen, the first of its kind.

TCL’s Foldable Phone With Two Hinges

According to a recent YouTube video by CNET, TCL has released a prototype for a new foldable smartphone that works slightly differently to what we’ve been seeing on existing foldable phones.

The foldable smartphone has two hinges instead of one and folds in a zig-zag manner. When the device is folded, it appears to look like a ladies’ wallet (purse) and when unfolded, it looks more like a drawing tab (graphics tab).

While there isn’t any tech spec about the device screen size, it could be rated at 10-inch or even above that. What makes the device cool is the fact that you can use individual displays separately.

How do i mean?

Lets say you decide to fold one side of the device leaving you with one screen, you can used it for any task you want, same as having two screens when one is folded to the back.

Here’s the video to see what the device is like:

TCL foldable phone

Another thing about the device is that it has a quad camera setup on the rear aligned horizontally, it has the Galaxy S10 5G look when viewed from the rear. On the front, single camera is mounted and there are no details on it at the moment.

Additionally, it has a USB Type-C port. Other feature and specs of the prototype foldable phone has not been revealed, not even the name!

TCL foldable phone has given us the impression that that foldable smartphones could be a feasible option in a couple of years given the way the device folds easily.

The device offers more display and its folding technique appears convenient, however, my only concern is whether foldable screen will be durable enough with two hinges has we’ve seen the failed case of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What are your thoughts on the TCL foldable phone? Share your thoughts with us in the comment below!

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