How to Get Latest Android 10 On Tecno Spark 3 Pro

Earlier in May 2019, Tecno Spark 3 Pro was certified by Google as one of the device to officially receive the Google Android Q upgrade. Android Q already is rolling out to devices gradually and Tecno Spark 3 Pro user who had sign up for the Android Q Program upgrade may be wondering when Android Q will get to their devices.

The good news is, Tecno Spark 3 Pro users can now have a taste of Android Q before it finally rolls out for all Tecno Spark 3 Pro users.

Android Q brings a lot of impressive new features to the table and if you’re a Tecno Spark 3 Pro user craving for Android 10 upgrade then you should continue reading.

Exclusive Benefits of Android Q on Tecno Spark 3 Pro

1. With the new Android 10 OS on Tecno Spark 3 Pro, users will get a better battery management giving users a long lasting battery.

2. Android Q bring reading mode on Tecno Spark 3 Pro to help users reduce eye strain while using their device at night or in a dark room.

3. One of the most interesting features users will find on Tecno Spark 3 Pro after Android Q upgrade is the WhatsApp Assistant Box. This feature allows users to make their own your emoji, save WhatsApp status (no more third party apps), automatically open flash while you have incoming WhatsApp call. The features help you enjoy chatting with your friends.

4. Some of you guys are already familiar with the incoming call flash feature, it has now been extended to WhatsApp calls so you don’t miss any calls at all.

5. Rescue your favorite status as long as you want. This allows users to bypass 24 hours time limit on status. Users are the ones who now has the option to keep WhatsApp status as long as you want!

6. Never Game off until you say no — Specially designed for Game lovers; you can choose screen-off to save battery and data while unstop gaming.

7. Wifi share — One of the coolest feature Android 10 brings to Spark 3 Pro is Wi-Fi share. With this you don’t have to share your WiFi password with anyone, if a friend wants to connect to your Network, you can just ask him/her to scan the your QR-code, and boom –they’re connected to your router.

How do I use the Scan to connect option.

  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Navigate to Network & internet
  3. Now tap on the WiFi option and click on the connected device name.
  4. After scanning the QR code, you can enjoy surfing on the internet.

How to Apply For Android Q Program on For Tecno Spark 3 Pro

To get Android Q upgrade on Tecno Spark 3 Pro, simply follow the simple steps below;

  • Click here to apply.
  • You’ll be asked to provide some details about your device and others.
  • Fill it and submit.
  • You’ll receive Android Q via OTA update, however, we don’t know when exactly. But we expect see Android Q for Spark 3 before 2020.

Note: The application is open for 2000 users and for Tecno Spark 3 Pro users only.

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