Telegram Latest Update Allows up to 2GB Files Sharing, Profile Videos, Group Stats and More

Telegram is without a doubt the best alternative to WhatsApp Messenger and unlike its rival, it is constantly adding adding new features and improving its usability. Aside from the chat features both apps offers, Telegram offers more advanced features that makes it stands out. Over the last few months, Telegram received a couple of new features including video and gif editor, chat folders and more. Now, however, the company has added a couple of new interesting feature and also improved on some of the existing ones.

The latest Telegram update has increased the amount of files users can share to 2GB from the initial 1.5GB. This is very huge, compared to the 16MB limit on WhatsApp Messenger. The update also brought profile video which lets users to add a short video as profile display instead of a static picture. Users also get the option to edit the profile video before adding it to their profile, you can add effects, trim and add animated stickers to make your video nice.

Telegram Latest Update Allows up to 2GB Files Sharing, Profile Videos, Group Stats and More

I know some of you don’t use Telegram nearby feature or even don’t know there was such feature on the app. Well, the nearby feature helps you find other Telegram users that are nearby which are not necessarily your contacts. Its a feature popularly used on dating apps and although I don’t use it, Telegram has improved this feature. Not only can you find people nearby, you can also find nearby groups that may be interesting to join.

Telegram has also extended it multiple account on mobile to desktop. Users can also now check the performance of there groups with the new group stats features. The group stats will show the activities, growth rate of the group using colorful charts. It also shows the top members of the group sorted by the number of messages and the average message length. However, for this feature to be active, a group must have at least 500 members.

Other minor improvements includes new video cropping and rotation tools, a new music player UI, a skin softener for images or videos taken with the front camera, and additional animated emojis.

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