Telegram To Introduce Ads On Its Platform Starting 2021

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Millions of smartphone users consider Telegram the best alternative to WhatsApp, being that it offers more advanced features and is also completely free. Telegram basically exceeds all the limitations of WhatsApp and that is one of the reasons why is it is so popular. The popular cloud-messaging app, however, has two important updates coming up, fans will be excited about the first, but may not welcome the second so well.

Telegram Voice Chat
Telegram Voice Chat

Telegram has added a number of impressive new update this year and it still plans to introduce more cool features. Amongst the known features coming to the platform soon is the voice chat feature. This feature will allow Telegram users to have a voice group discussion like having a conference call. The other update, however, is that Telegram will begin to shows ads in its app soon.

Remember WhatsApp also has planned to introduce Ads on its network but a lot of people didn’t welcome this change due to privacy issues attached to the development and WhatsApp had to close plans for now. Now, the best and most popular WhatsApp alternative wants to bring Ads to its platform but maybe with a good reason.

With over 500 million users and growing, the cost of maintaining the platform also rises. Telegram founder Pavel Durov posted on his channel stating that most of the startup expense has been covered with personal saving and with the app heading towards a billion user, it maintenance will require appropriate funding.

When companies get to an inflection point as it is for Telegram at the moment, there are basically two options, it’s either the company monetize its platform via ads or sell the company, Durov stated. He went further that the company won’t be sold rather they will be introducing ads to cover some of its operational cost.


Should I worry about Telegram Ads?

Durov has made it clear that the implementation of won’t disturb the user’s experience as it won’t be displaying ads in private and group chats rather ads will only be served in public channels and will be non-intrusive ads. What’s more interesting is that Telegram will be using its very own Ad network which is probably under development and public channel owners will also get a share of benefits. “If Telegram starts earning money, the community should also benefit,” says Durov.

Durov also stated that all the features users are currently enjoying for free will stay free forever. Some premium features are also coming for business people and power users, he said without providing any details on it. You can read the full post here.

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