The Future Of Selfie Camera For Smartphones

Achieving a true bezeless display

Over the years we’ve seen smartphone manufacturer try to render a full-screen display with no bezels. Achieving this can be tricky knowing well the manufactures need to create a perfect spot for the front camera without necessarily creating additional components to smartphones as to not make them look “awful.” This past few months, we’ve seen selfie cameras take different style and appearance on smartphones, from slider cameras to pop up and flip cameras.

There has several concepts aimed at rendering a true bezel less display, come 2018 we saw the all new Samsung Infinity display which has now been widely adopted by several manufacturers, although the Samsung Infinity display didn’t actually render a complete full-screen display, the camera cutout still looks great and by far better than the traditional notch design we saw from Apple.

In recent developments, Oppo and Xiaomi seem to have been able to solve the “mystery” behind making a real bezel-less and full-screen smartphone. These two Chinese tech giant recently showed off a working under-display camera that will shape the future of selfies camera on smartphones.

OPPO’s VP Brian Shen stated in a video shared on Weibo, that having under-screen cameras to produce the same quality of images compared to cameras outside of the display is difficult, “however, the realization of new technology is developed to perfection,” he added. On the other hand, there was no announcement about the possible availability of the display on an OPPO smartphone.

When taking a selfie, the area where the front camera rest turns transparent, allowing light to pass to the sensor. The area of the display has “low reflection and high permeability” to make sure that bright light falling upon the display does not obstruct the image formation on the camera sensor.

As shown in the above video, the device renders a full screen when pictures are not being taken and crops the display when the front camera is turned on.

Xiaomi VP Wang Xiang also tweeted infographics on the new under-display camera technology, adding that “this could be the ultimate solution for a Full-Screen Display coexisting with a front camera!.”

Xiaomi also showed a working prototype under display camera while holding the Mi 9 against the device. Xiaomi’s co-founder Lin Bin also noted on Weibo that new display technology coming soon, however, he did not reveal when.

This new technology is undoubtedly the best option to replace mechanical parts and a great innovation to say. Although the new tech is still developing, it would be so great to have this new tech trend in future phones.

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