This Limited Edition Tyrant Gold PlayStation 5 Cost £8099 (More Than 4 Million Naira)

While there’s still no official price and release date of Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, Truly Exquisite, a company who specializes in making luxury gadgets in the UK, will officially open pre-orders for various luxury versions of the PS5 and accessories today, starting 3 p.m PDT.

Truly Exquisite listed 6 custom build PS5 including a platinum build but only displayed the tyrant gold edition on their official website. The custom builds PS5 includes the disc and digital versions with different price tags.

The 24k gold digital PS5 cost £7999, Rose gold digital version cost £8099, platinum digital version cost £8199. The disc version, on the other hand, comes with slightly higher price tags, the 24k gold disc PS5 goes for £8099, £8199 for the rose gold edition and the most expensive version, the platinum disc PS5 cost £8299.

Digital version prices in Naira:

  • 24K gold digital PS5: NGN 3,957,070
  • 18k rose gold digital PS5: NGN 4,006,540
  • Platinum digital PS5: NGN 4,006,540

Disc version prices in Naira:

  • 24K gold disc PS5: NGN 4,006,540
  • 18k rose gold disc PS5: NGN 4,056,009
  • Platinum disc PS5: NGN 4,105,479

The company says its version is limited to 250 units and will come with 2 Dualsense Controllers and a 3D Pulse Headset (also custom builds) with free worldwide shipping & insurance.

If you’re interested in this luxury PlayStation 5 builds, simply head over to Truly Exquisite official website to book one for yourself. And share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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