This Windows 7 2018 Concept Will Blow Your Mind

We all know Microsoft Windows 7 is the most favourite edition of Windows OS amongst users. It combined simplicity and a set of features which made it gain a lot of popularity. Tech YouTuber Avdan has made a new Windows 7 2018 Remastered Edition design concept video which features a simple, yet interesting design.

Windows 7 2018 Remastered Edition design concept

Last month, Youtuber Avdan made a Windows XP 2018 Remastered edition concept with amazing features. In the video, Avdan merged modern design with the default XP design to give it a completely different appearance but retaining the original XP look and feel.

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The Windows 7 2018 concept also features modern design, it’s packed with transparency effect (Microsoft fluent design), day and night mode with dynamic wallpapers and also a dark mode feature for low-light environments which we’ve also seen in Windows 10.

The start menu gets a new makeover (looks like Windows 10), Microsoft Cortana and Task view have also been added to the re-envisioned taskbar in a manner that differentiates it from its current Windows 10 look and feel.

The Windows 7 2018 concept introduces Windows 10 Action bar and also a restructured file explorer which includes Windows 10 icons.

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There’s no doubt users would love to load this Remastered Windows 7 edition, sadly, it’s but a video concept and cannot be loaded in. However, users can still tweak there Windows 7 to look like the 2018 concept design using various desktop customization software such as Rainmeter, transformation pack etc.

So, what do you think of the Windows 7 2018 Remastered concept? Share your views with us in the comment.


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