Top 10 Android Apps You Should have

Are you using a Smartphone? What a silly question? I know you are using a Smartphone. Smartphones are the most popular type of phones till now. They are smart, intelligent and make things easy for you. You can not only make calls or send text messages, but now you can use your phone as a camera, recorder, and music player and even as a tutor.


Top 10 Android Apps You Should have

Smartphones are helping you in every possible way with their apps. You cannot operate anything without an app on the Smartphone. Some are inbuilt, and some are external apps.

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Today is the right time for you to know the top 10 android apps that you should have in your smartphone.

1. Whatsapp:

[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp]

Whatsapp is the most popular app in the world right now. It is a free app with over 400 million active users which makes it the most popular app. People are using it for sending text messages, video calls, screenshots, documents, pics, contacts, locations etc. Whatsapp calls are so widespread and high quality.

2. Facebook:

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.katana]

Facebook is the social media giant. According to a survey, the average time people are spending on Facebook is more than 30 minutes. With more than one billion downloads, Facebook app is ruling the app world.

You can do everything on the Facebook app that you can do on

3. Instagram:

[appbox googleplay]

Smartphones have given the birth to selfie tradition. People do not want to miss a single moment to take the selfie.

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Instagram is the best place to share your selfies and photos with the world. In the beginning, it was not easy to share the full-size pictures as Instagram makes you crop the photo before uploading it. But thanks to no crop apps for Instagram and WhatsApp that now you can share the full-size images without cropping.

4. Google Map:

[appbox googleplay]

Want to reach a place, but you do not know the way then Google Map is there to help you. All you need an active internet connection and Google Map will work for you. Enter the location where you want to reach, and it will show you the path, time and traffic conditions.

You can also share your location with your friends to tell them where you are.

5. YouTube:

[appbox googleplay]

YouTube app is also the default app on every android phone. YouTube app makes it easy for you to watch every single piece of content uploaded on YouTube. You can view movies, tv series, songs, events, lectures, tutorials, how to guides, secrets, etc.

You can not only entertain, but you can educate yourself and other people by live streaming what you do best of even creating a youtube channel of your own.

6. Google Chrome:

[appbox googleplay]

Google Chrome is also the default app on every Android smartphone. You want to browse something then Google chrome is there for you. You do not need a new browser. You can do everything on Google Chrome app that you can do in any browser.

7. Amazon:

[appbox googleplay]

Do you want to buy something online from a trusted place? Then, Amazon app is for you. Amazon is world’s largest online shopping portal. You can download the app, register your account and purchase anything that you want. You can even buy gifts for your friends and get those gifts delivered to the desired address.

8. Google Assistant:

[appbox googleplay]

Google has created a powerful A.I, ‘Google Assistant app’ for you to communicate, navigate and do so many things. You can ask questions, make plans, trigger apps, play games and do many other things using Google Assistant.

9. MX Player:

[appbox googleplay]

A video player is the need of every smartphone. MX player app is known as the best video player for android. It not only makes you play videos but also allows you to edit subtitles, volume control, zoom in-out, fast forwarding, etc.

10. eAskme Android App:

[appbox googleplay com.easkme.gauravkumar]

Want to learn about new things, latest updates, motivational thoughts, startup business, work from home opportunities, blogging or something else, the eAskme android app is there to help you. You can learn anything using this app and also get notifications about latest updates.

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These are few of the best and top 10 android apps you must have on your smartphone. Do let me know which apps you are already using and which are new for you?

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