Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp is without a doubt the best and most popular instant messaging app around the world. The messaging app is available for Android, iOS and KaiOS users.

Over the past few month, Facebook have been continuously working on the messaging app and has introduced several great features which has improved the platform so much.

Just recently WhatsApp introduced Animated Stickers and some security features, however, Facebook wants to make messaging and call experience even better on the platform and has been working on some great features which may roll out soon.

Top 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features:

We’ve been covering some of the best features coming to WhatsApp for some time now, so many has launched and some we haven’t gotten to meet. So, in this article, I’ll be covering the best 5 WhatsApp upcoming features.

1. Disappearing Messages

According to popular WhatsApp leakster WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working of self-destructive messages. This will allow users send a message which later disappears after a specific time. Some beta users of WhatsApp have reported spotted this new feature which means we’ll be seeing it soon on the platform.

Self destructive messages feature is already available on popular platforms like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. Ths feature will further strengthen privacy on the platform.

2. Linked Device (Multiple Device Support)

The ability to login a WhatsApp account on multiple devices is one of the most anticipated features. A few beta users already shared a screenshot of this feature on iOS and is expected to roll out soon.

The same way Telegram users are able to sign in a single account on multiple device and don’t need sign out of the previous, WhatsApp users will also to do this with the linked device feature but will be limited to four devices as reported.

3. In-app web browser

WhatsApp is reporting getting in-app browser that will allow users to open any link inside of WhatsApp itself, without leaving the app. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is currently under its alpha stage of development and might take longer to become available on devices.

Like Facebook in-app browser, the WhatsApp browser will help cut down on the time it takes to load an article or any content shared via a link.

4. WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay is one of the best upcoming WhatsApp features, it already launched in Brazil and expected to launch in India soon. WhatsApp Pay will help businesses transact with customers real-time and also help family and friends send and receive funds in no time.

5. Search the Web

Search the web is a privacy focused feature is gradually rolling out to WhatsApp users. With this new feature, users can verify the Authenticity of a content frequently forwarded on WhatsApp. This feature will help reduce fake news on the platform.

Final Words

These are some of the best new and upcoming WhatsApp features in 2020. What do you think about it Tell us in the comment section below.

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