Regardless of being a large or a small business, it is elementary to have a powerful existence in all the significant channels of the social media all over the world. The effects of globalization are concrete and the mankind is adapting to new technologies and cultures at a very fast pace. The increasing demands of the online customers have authenticated that the reality of the social networks is not a fad, but something that is here to stay forever.

Possessing the right social media strategy bestows vast benefits as it generates leads, increases exposure, enlarges your customer base, develops loyal customers, ameliorates your online search and reduces marketing expenses.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt A Social Media Strategy

According to recent studies around 96% of marketers are currently employing social media as a tool for marketing, while 85% aren’t sure about the best tools to use.

Here are top 6 key rationales as to why organizations must embrace the social media strategy that gives them the much-needed facelift.


The organizations that count social media as a marketing strategy attain at least10% new customers and about 50% of new prospects in their initial months of engagement. Besides the enterprise also gains a major uplift by the audiences of your brand, which will be taken into account when the customer further decides which product to buy.

An ideal marketing strategy on the social media enables users to comment, share or like your page enabling free advertisements. The marketing campaigns and the pages you run on the social media ensure you gain customers directly by leveraging their aspirations and persuading them with your potential to source and satisfy their needs. Marketing on social networks is a great way to generate leads, especially when it is employed to inspire and educate your audiences.

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Your search ranking is based on the number of shares, followers, comments and likes on your page. Creating and developing blogs and linking your business developments to your social media page further ameliorate your online traffic and visibility. It is crucial to update images and videos along with compelling and interactive content on a regular basis for an effective drive.

Your company generates leads depending on how active you are in the social media. Nonetheless, you are required to make sure that your content consists of a substantial and stimulating information desired by the consumers.


Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction play a very significant role in making your business more authoritative. Creating a loyal and a strong client base is the essential goal of all businesses. Assuming that the brand loyalty and customer satisfaction do not go without each other, it becomes necessary to engage customers regularly and build a rapport with your customers.

Social media marketing is not restricted to launching your products and promotional campaigns. Customers look at social media as a service channel for direct communication. Satisfied audiences eagerly spread words about the product they loved and they mostly employ social media to do so.

Once you establish a good bunch of satisfied customers who are vocal about their purchase experience, you can allow them to do the actual advertising for you.


Social media strategy for marketing is a most effective form of advertising. Signing up and creating a profile mostly comes free of cost for the social networking websites and all paid promotions are relatively low in cost when compared to the other marketing strategies. Its cost effective nature is the greatest advantages of marketing on social media because there is a greater ROI (Return on Investment) which allows allocating a fat budget for your other business and marketing expenses.

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It is advisable to start small when you employ paid advertising services on social media so you will know what to expect. You can always fine-tune your strategy and increase your budget once you are comfortable. You can remarkably escalate the rates of conversion and eventually your ROI just by spending a trivial amount of money and time on the social media.


Marketing on social networks is significant in strengthening the credibility of your product because it offers enormous opportunities in understanding what exactly the customers want while assuring them about the potential strengths of your brand and addressing various problems.

Social media also offers you an opening to emphasize numerous features of your business like the examples of customer services and daily operations. You get to interact directly with the customers allowing them to experience your organizational culture in effect. Therefore you hold a great chance to build your eminence and credibility way beyond whatever you could accomplish with billboards and posters.

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It provides a comprehensive experience in marketing which is the major reasons why marketers employ marketing on social media.

Social media allows direct communication between the seller and the buyer on an everyday basis. You will soon earn massive revenue leaving your competitors behind and are sure to be benefitted by all the customer intelligence data derived from addressing your customer needs and launching new products.


Marketing flourishes by creating a distinct niche, bestowing it with customized resolutions to fit into the customer needs, addressing various challenges that the customers present. This strategy of marketing on a social network provides the inside information regarding the customer needs, wants and expectations.

You can also make the customer’s life easy by addressing and explaining to them about your product features and how it actually fits into their life. This is one of the opportunities and advantages that marketing on social media offers when compared to the other strategies. You can also establish new targets and flood your customers with the best offers that are difficult to ignore.


The main objective of employing social media as a marketing tool is to ameliorate relationships with the customers and to build your brand.

Social media greatly increases brand awareness and promotes your brand although it doesn’t directly generate an overwhelming amount of sales. This will prove beneficial for SME’s, entrepreneurs, and start-up businesses. Social media also contributes to loyalty and immediate customer service relations.

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Organizations are required to adopt a strategic approach in order to keep up with the changing requirements of today’s customers. Organizations that have the potential to do so quickly, have an advantage in leveraging methodologies and social tools creating better experiences through all the phases of customer lifecycle which leads to meaningful interactions and profitable long-term relationships. Marketing on social networks furnishes business development and growth beyond imagination.

Today the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors still exists with a strategic and a thoughtful social media plan for marketing and beyond.

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