Travel Accessories you can buy on Black Friday

2019 is just a few weeks away and some of us are already planning to travel home to celebrate the forth coming Christmas and New year Eve with our loved ones.

While you’re thinking about food and the good times that will come ahead, companies are already rolling out holiday deals to make your Holiday a great one by giving incredible discounts on products and services.

Companies like Jumia, Konga, Ali-Express, Gearbest amongst others have already started Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and this is the best time to buy whatever you for your travels.

Black Friday is not limited to online/retailer stores, you also get flight deals from travel agencies, hotel deals and several others.

If you’re planning to travel during this period, I have a list of few accessories that may come handy during the course of your journey.

Wireless Earbuds


Music is one of the key ingredients to life, it helps you relax and feel better when your mood is not right. The world is moving towards wireless Earbuds already, getting one to listen to your playlist while traveling wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Oraimo Earbuds is one of the finest Earbuds you’ll find on Jumia or Konger to buy. Not only is it portable, it helps you bring your musics to live thanks to it’s amazing sound Tech.

This will allow you enjoy music while also preventing possible accident or phone damage as a result of pulling wired earpods mistakenly.



For those who want to keep track of their health time to time, and not visit hospitals on a daily basis to see how they’re doing, getting a smartwatch will do just fine.

With smartwatches you can keep track of your fitness activities and health status. Smartwatches has been reported to have saved people’s life on several occasions by notifying the user of changes in the normal health status.

You should buy one now or maybe buy for someone who you think it will benefit.

Smartphone Optical Camera Len

optical lens

In the world today, you no longer a standard camera to take good photos, smartphones camera has really improved over the years. Today we already have smartphones with 108MP camera which can take amazing photos during your travel but you can even do more with optical lens attachment for smartphones.

This is one of the best smartphone add-on to always carry around while you’re going ona trip, it help you take clearer and high quality shots compared to the standard smartphone camera lens.

Portable Photo Printer

portable printer

Thanks to technology, you don’t necessarily need to go to a photo studio to get your photos printed. We all love to capture each and every moments of our life’s wherever we find ourselves, and we sometimes want to print some of the pictures and place in our bedrooms to keep memories alive.

There are several portal printers out there and with Black Friday still around, you can get amazing deals on portable printers.



Talking about luggage, you may also want to change your old traveling luggage to something new and fashionable. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great time to upgrades like this.

It is the most important traveling accessory, they’re available in sets and single, which ever one you decide on, you’ll get great discounts this period.

There are several other travel accessories you can buy but I think the above listed will be very much useful for you, now and later.

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