TStv Fighting Serious Battle, But Promises Commercial Sales Nationwide in November

For some reason Zoto disappeared from Nigeria, OLX is also long gone but reason for their disappearance was never communicated to the public and now it seems that same force is battling with TStv since it made public debut in August 2017.

TStv has been operating silently in Nigeria by partnering with Telecom company to deliver free channel against their commercial sales. The company had partnered with NigComSat earlier for broadcasting but are no longer in partnership and now delivering free channels through onYahSat -1A at 52.5°E. The company has been fighting some serious battles in order to gain it’s grounds in Nigeria.

TStv is a company trying to rescue Nigerians from foreign operators that are “money suckers” and causing problems for other pay TV in the market. I guess we all know for something like that to be successful in Nigeria requires a lot of hard work and won’t be easy at the same time.

However, TStv remains strong and expresses their sad experience doing business in Nigeria via Twitter. The company says it’ll continue to offer free channel till the end of November and promises commercial sales after.

Although Nigerians are really disappointed, but as it is, we can only pray the company gets through the challenges it’s facing. The same way Ntel has been unstable but we hope 2019 will be a turn around.

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