TStv Jolly Decoder To Begin Sales On 28th November

Last month, Nigeria’s first indigenous DTH Pay-TV, of course, TSTV promised to commence sales of it much-awaited decoder in November while offering free channel till the end of November. We all know the company has been battling to hold its grounds in Nigeria since 2017 when they first appeared. Now, however, I guess we’re finally going to get some goodies from this company if you know what I mean.

While TSTV Sassy decoder has bee available for a while now, the company took to their social media handle to announce the official sales of its premium Jolly decoder starting November 28. The new decoder comes with some great features which some of us are already familiar with and some extras which definitely come handy in our homes.

One of the interesting features of this decoder is the SIM compatibility with 4G support, although I’m not sure if we can use any 4G SIM with it yet if at all it does support all SIM, then I guess it’ll save us some cash buying pocket WI-FI or Routers for our homes.

The SIM card slot, however, will also serve as a gateway for users who purchase the jolly decoder to Migrate to the Dexterity decoder easily while users with Sassy decoders will have the opportunity to swap their decoder with the Dexterity decoder.

The Dexterity decoder is expected to come with free 10GB of data which can also be shared via hotspot. A lot of us have our eyes on this goodie and it doesn’t stop their, users automatically receive 20GB of data on subscription renewal.

Features of TStv Jolly Decoder

-PVR Function
-Full HD
-USB 2.0 port
-Full EPG function
-15 secs boot time
-Smart Card slot
-Sim Card slot (for easy migration to Dexeterity function)
-Recording and time shift simultaneously
-Recording and playback with external USB
-HDMI and AV output
-8 favorite channel group
-UHF 21-69 RF modulator Output which is ideal for DTT
-Multicast embedded funtions
-Compatible with 4G networks.

The Jolly decoders as we can see offers a lot of interesting features far better when compared to GoTV or Startimes.

TStv Jolly Decoder Price

The official yet of the Jolly decoder is yet to be announced but it’ll probably maintain the same price tag with Sassy Decoder or a slight change since this is not Dexeterity Decoder.

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