Twitter Rolls Out Instagram Stories-Like Feature Called ‘Fleets’ In India

Twitter has been testing its stories-like feature called fleets for a while now and has only been made available in two countries (Brazil and Italy) until now that it decided to make India the third country to experience the new feature.

The new Twitter fleets feature is similar to WhatsApp status, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories. Users can post pictures and videos which will last for 24 hours before it vanishes. Followers will be able to reply to your fleets update as well as give likes and retweets to fleets.

Twitter India Managing Director, Manish Maheshwari said in a statement that India is one of the largest fast-growing markets of Twitter and they are curious to see how people react to Fleets which would help a lot on the global roll-out of the feature.

The new fleets feature may not be available to all users immediately, so you might need to wait a little longer for the feature to get to you.

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