Twitter To Become Photo-Based Like Snapchat

Twitter wants to be more like Snapchat with a new “camera-first feature”, according to latest reports.

The social network looks set to shift focus away from text and they are getting more picture focused instead.

Twitter To Become Photo-Based Like Snapchat

Twitter currently focuses on text, but a new version of the app could encourage users to take more photos and videos instead.

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Twitter has been so famous with its emphasis on short, snappy messages. Going for more pictures won’t be bad as this would help in adverts and even now, the majority of social media users are photo acquainted.

They were previously limited to just 140 characters but has now improved to 280 characters.

But CNBC now claims that Twitter is trying to mix things up and has already demonstrated a new “camera-first feature” to advertising execs.

The new function would combine location-based photos and videos with Twitter Moments around notable events. Companies could sponsor events or place ads in between tweeted real-time photos and videos.

Twitter over Snapchat for now?

Twitter Moments is Twitter’s news feature, which involves staff filtering news stories with tweets.

The company wants to ensure that they stay on top of mind when any news happens. More photos will help improve the common trend feature.

If Twitter began creating live Moments using user images and videos, it would be so similar to Snapchat’s Live Stories feature. This could lead to a direct rivalry between both platforms. You may also want to see the activity status feature Instagram introduced to their app

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During some big music festivals, Snapchat will create video montages of clips uploaded by users who are at the location.

Although details are scarce, we would love to see this feature on Twitter with the 2018 world cup around the corner, so many smartphones launches as the year progresses and so on. Sharing moments with people and dishing live updates in photos and videos will make the twitter so beautiful.

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