Custom Recovery: Pitch Black TWRP For Tecno Spark 3 KB7

If you’ve been searching for how to root Tecno Spark 3 KB7 and install TWRP custom recovery, then, you’ve just landed on the right page. In this article. we’ll be sharing TWRP for Tecno Spark 3 KB7 (custom recovery for Tecno Spark 3 KB7) and and to root Tecno KB7 easily. For those looking for TWRP for MT6580, you can download and port this recovery for your device.

Team Win Recovery Project is an open-source software custom recovery image for Android-based devices. It provides a touchscreen-enabled interface that allows users to install third-party firmware and back up the current system which are functions often unsupported by stock recovery images.

Rooting Tecno Spark 3 KB7 involves 3 steps, the first step is unlocking your device bootloader, the second is installing TWRP Custom Recovery for Tecno Spark 3 KB7 and the third is installing magisk to gain root access.

Pitch Black TWRP for MT6580 running Android 8.1.0 Oreo (Go edition) with Kernel version 3.18.79+. Pitch Black TWRP is a customized TWRP based on the latest TWRP 3.2.3-0 recovery. The recovery comes with customization options (integrated themes). which lets you can change your TWRP UI to your taste.

Follow the guide ahead to install TWRP For Tecno Spark 3 KB7.

TWRP 3.2.3-0 Features:

  • Fix automatic installing of OTA zips on encrypted devices
  • Remove SuperSU from TWRP
  • Support both md5 and md5sum file extensions when doing MD5 checking for zip files
  • Install Zip (From SD Card, Internal Storage, OTG Storage)
  • Advanced Wipe Menu (Dalvik, System, Cache, Data,
  • Internal Storage, SD Card, USB Otg)
  • Advanced (Backup | Restore) Menu
  • Advanced Mount Options
  • TWRP File Manager
  • Advanced Reboot Option
  • Completely Material Themes
  • Easy And Simple
  • Proper Detail Of Task
  • Showing Progress In Percentage
  • Automatically Flash More Than One Zip File One By One
  • File Manager
  • Brightness Control
  • Full Touch

Disclaimer: Make sure you have backed up every all your important files and data before proceeding with the guides ahead, all file and data stored on your internal storage will be lost in the process of flashing TWRP for Tecno Pouvoir 3 and removing force encryption.

Why you need TWRP for Tecno Spark 3 KB7

With TWRP recovery for Tecno KB7 (custom recovery for Tecno Spark 3 KB7) you can perform the following operations on your device;

  • Install custom ROMs (upgrade your device to a newer Android Version)
  • Take Nandoid backup (full Android system backup)
  • Flash performance mods, Sound mods and graphics mods.
  • Root your device etc.


Recovery Info:

- Recovery Name: TWRP (Themed)  
- Recovery Version: v3.2.3-0  
- PitchBlack version: v2.8.1  
- Recovery Status: Stable  
- Current Stable Version: Unofficial   
- Supported Language: Multi-Language Support

Device Info:

- Device name: Tecno Spark 3  
- Device model: KB7  
- Stock OS Version: Android Oreo 8.1.0  
- Chipset: MediaTek – MT6580 
- Kernel: Linux 3.18.79+ (Stock Kernel)   
- Bit Version: 32-bit (Arm86)

How to install TWRP for Tecno Spark 3 (KB7)

  1. Unlock Bootloader. For how to unlock bootloader see the guide in my previous article here.
  2. Download the latest TWRP custom recovery for Tecno Spark 3 (KB7) from the link below.
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your PC and extract to a folder.
  4. Make sure you have ADB and Fastboot tool installed on your PC
  5. Copy the recovery file to the adb and fastboot folder, rename the img file to recovery.img
  6. Now, launch adb and fastboot tool from your desktop
  7. Check if your device is properly connected using the command “adb device” without quotes
  8. If device is connected properly, then reboot to bootloader using “adb reboot bootloaer”
  9. Once your device boots into bootloader, flash the recoery using the command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  10. The recovery will then be flashed to your device within a second or two, then reboot using “fastboot reboot
  11. Your device will boot back into the system, you can then use adb command to boot into recovery “adb reboot recovery” or using the power and volume up button as usual.

Download TWRP For Tecno KB7

That’s it, now you’ve successfully installed TWRP for Tecno Spark 3 KB7 (custom recovery for Tecno Spark 3 KB7). If the guide is not clear enough, see the video below.

How to fix 0Mb on internal storage and remove the force encryption

  1. Download latest Magisk flashable zip and force encryption disabler from the link below.
  2. Boot your device into TWRP recovery, after the splash screen, you’ll see another screen requesting a password to decrypt your data, just hit back to continue to TWRP main screen
  3. Now, when you tap on the install/backup button, you’ll see internal storage showing as 0MB. No problem
  4. Return to TWRP main menu, navigate to the wipe section and tap on format data. They yes in the next screen to proceed with this.
  5. Once data has been formatted, reboot your device back into TWRP recovery. Don’t make the mistake of letting it boot into the system.
  6. Now, once your device is booted back into TWRP recovery, check your internal storage now, it should display the amount of storage you have.
  7. Tap on the install button and flash Magisk, then disable force encryption file you downloaded.
  8. Once flashing is complete, now reboot your device back into the system.

Download Magisk Flashable Zip

Download Force encryption Disabler

Viola!, you’ve successfully removed force encryption on your Tecno Spark 3. That’s everything about how to install TWRP for Tecno Spark 3 and root Tecno KB7.

If you face any difficulties installing TWRP for Tecno Spark 3 KB7 or rooting Tecno KB7, use the comment box below and I’ll get back to you Asap!.


- Unofficialtwrp (TWRP for MT6580)   
- Mudasiru Adewale (for testing and sharing) 
  1. That’s Nice but i’ve been looking all over for the custom recovery project for Tecno Spark 3pro KB8 but i still can’t find it. I tried porting one using the img kitchen tool and it worked but i just couldn’t get my phone to disable the force encryption hence nothing worked. Can you help??. I had also contacted mr. Makinda for this too

  2. what such of stupid is this i liked your FB page and followed your Twitter Handle just for link to be open and still am redirecting to an advert. which kind nonsense is that.

    • Sorry for any inconveniences caused, please make sure you’re accessing the site with a good we browser like Chrome, Brave, Firefox etc. Also reload the page after liking or following any of the social media page. If the problem persist, let me know.

  3. Please perhaps u have a working tested stock ROM for kb7. All the firmwares I ve found online are the same but all rendered my phone dead boot

  4. Hello Adewale isn’t there a way to root android 8.1 without using a PC , I downloaded all the apps you recommended but it keeps telling me device not rooted

  5. I have installed the twrp for my tecno spark 3 kb7… buh anytime I boot into recovery mode the twrp interface doesn’t come… please any technical help cuz I’ve followed all the steps

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