Update For Those Who Pre-ordered OYI-1 N500 Android Smartphone.

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I guess a lot of your guys are wondering why you haven’t received any update regarding OYI-1 smartphone. The company took to the social media profile to explain the reasons behind the delay of the distribution a few days ago.

According to the company’s T&C, the smartphone is primarily for individuals earning N18,000 and below. Which means the company needs to validate everyone who has pre-ordered the device to know who is qualified for to have the device and those that are not qualified to purchase it.

In a statement by the company, they said;

While we appreciate your pre-order, as it’s contained in our T&C, the primary target of these devices are those who cannot afford smartphone on their own or earn less than $2 a day. Pre-order does not mean you automatically qualify to receive the phones.


We are processing those who have pre-ordered to determine those who are qualified.

We will announce soon the names of people to benefit from the first batch of these devices.

Those who are not qualified will be given the option to request a refund or purchase the device at full cost with cost recovery and benefit within 24 months.

Thank you for your support.

While it is not clear the process the company is going to use to attain this information, we should all be patient until the list of qualified buyers of the OYI-1 smartphone is out.


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