Users Will Browse Longer As MTN Night Plan Time Is Extended

When the night plan freshly came, a lot of us loved it and we did so much to stay up, just so we can enjoy some freedom on the net. And then MTN ruined the party for people like me. Reducing data cap from 500MB to 250MB at #25. It was easy to lose me as a customer with that and thought I would rather go for Airtel’s night that lasted more hours and with more data.

MTN Night Plan Time Has Been Extended

But maybe MTN is retracing their steps from where they lost it as they now extend browsing period. MTN night will compete with the likes of Airtel and even the data only networks like Ntel with 5 hours to browse. MTN night plan time starts from 12 AM – 5 AM. It uses to be 12 AM – 3:30 AM before the adjustments.

How I Use MTN Night Plan

MTN night plan provides users with 2 options. Either I go with the 250MB for #25, or I choose the 500MB for #50. I will enjoy 5 hours of browsing with MTN night plan time now extended. To get on the night browsing, I text TN1 or TN2 to 131 for your respective choice. Within this period there are no restrictions to what I can do with this data. But I also bear in mind that it is only 250MB or 500MB.

MTN Night Plan Text Code

  • 250MB for N25 – text NT1 to 131
  • 500MB for N50 – text NT2 to 131

Note: You must be on the MTN Pulse (Not the mPulse) to enjoy the plan. Migrate by dialing *406*1# or send 406 to 131.

Bonus Tip: It is also key to note that you are advised to subscribe for the data when the night data is usable. Subscribing in the morning when you can browse with the data was the cause of so many MTN night problems last time I checked. So text your codes between 12 AM – 5 AM.

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