Using the Cloud to Increase Productivity

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

In a traditional setting, work is often done in an office. Whether you need to complete documents or reports, calls, or meetings, each task is usually required to be completed inside the required working hours. With the advent of technology and companies like the Cloud Collective, work can now be brought anywhere with electricity or the internet.

But how big an impact has cloud technology assisted us in this day and age? With the current pandemic that the world is experiencing recently, what are the benefits of using the cloud?

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Types of Tools That Freelancers Use

Tools to Take Your Notes.

People use a notebook and pen when taking notes during meetings, calls, or reminders that you need to be remembered. Nowadays, several apps can help not just in taking notes, but also valuable information that you want to keep secret like audio files and even video.

Unlike before, you need to learn shorthand to catch up on instructions that your clients give you. Today, as long as you have the right app to use, you can note your client’s instructions and be able to multitask.

Tools to List Your Tasks.

Before, when there are several tasks that you need to address, you had to write it down on a notebook that you always take with you. The problem is if in case you lose the notebook, you lose everything vital that you were not supposed to.

Nowadays, if you are part of a project, it might get intimidating to address several tasks within a week, more so if you cannot keep track of what’s been already accomplished.

There are apps where you can check off the subtasks that are under each main one, so you are assured that you have addressed each in full. There are even ones where you can put in a reminder when a specific task needs to be finished on time.

Tools to Take Important Dates.

People before often write important dates on a planner or a calendar, but if your boss is a busy person, you might have to keep tabs on several schedules.

With apps nowadays, you can keep track of important dates, such as when your client went to the doctor, or when they had their monthly meeting. If there are dates that they need to be reminded of, there are calendar apps that can give out an alarm when the time is right.

Tools to Record Your Time.

Now clients would like to make sure that their employees are supposed to be doing their tasks in the time they are required to work. Most would prefer to provide production-based jobs to determine if their freelancer is productive, but for hourly tasks, some clients would need to keep track of how long their employees work.

There are time trackers that can record even the website that you frequently use and how long you take on each. There are also ones where you can manage tasks that you complete in a day. There are such apps that companies like the Cloud Collective can provide based on your needs.

Tools to Manage Your Projects.

Now, if you are task with managing a project, then you would make use of the previous tools that have been mentioned. You might need a different version where you can control the finances you’re responsible for, and what to pay out to freelancers under your care.

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Whatever happens, keep in mind that the apps you will need all falls on the user, whichever works for you as long as you can stay productive are ones that you will need to have in your repertoire.

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