6 Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria

Virtual dollar cards, also known as prepaid dollar or virtual currency cards, have become increasingly popular as a simple and safe way to pay online without the risk of credit card fraud. You can find many different prepaid cards in Nigeria; some are better than others in terms of fees and customer service.

Since the emergence of Virtual dollar card services in Nigeria, online payments has been much easier. Nigerians can now run ad campaigns like Facebook and Instagram ads and pay for streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and more without worrying about international limitations and other difficulties on regular bank cards.

To help you decide which virtual dollar card best suits your needs, here are the 6 best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

What Is A Virtual Dollar Card?

Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

A virtual dollar card is a digital replica of regular bank credit or debit card. These virtual cards are created and reside within a digital wallet app. Virtual cards can also be disposable cards that you can use to make payments anywhere in the world while offering better security for your online payments.

List Of Best Virtual Dollar Card Services In Nigeria

You can create virtual dollar cards and make payments using any of the platforms below.


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FXKudi is a Ghanaian-based fintech startup and one of the best payment platforms that offer virtual dollar cards that you can use to make payments anywhere in the world. You can pay for Facebook ads, Netflix, and shop from international stores without difficulty.

FXKudi also helps you send and receive payments quickly from over 20 countries worldwide. Its multicurrency wallet lets you own a personalized account number in these countries. The most exciting thing about this platform is that it lets you do all these transactions with zero charges.

Chipper Cash

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Chipper cash is a Nigerian fintech startup that offers Virtual Naira and dollar cards. These cards make online payments easy for people who do not like to carry their regular bank(s) cards around. So whether you want to pay for flights, hotel bookings and other services like Webhosting or ads, these cards work flawlessly without issues.

While most virtual dollar card services will charge you for card creation, Chipper cash gives you a free Naira and dollar virtual card upon completing KYC verification. What’s more, you get a 5% cash back anytime you use either of the cards. Aside from that, you can buy airtime and data on the app, and you’ll get an account number to receive payments.


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Cashbuddy is a Nigerian-based fintech startup offering one of the most flexible payment solutions. Unlike most fintech, not only can you create a virtual dollar card that you can use for Facebook and Instagram ads, Netflix and other international payments on the platform, but you can also convert excess recharged airtime to cash, receive payment from Paypal users, create gift cards and pay bills.

The platform continuously adds new features to make life easier for users. You can send and receive payments across 5 African countries and easily overcome currency & location barriers at no extra cost. Cashbuddy is a great platform for individuals, freelancers and small business owners that needs an online payment solution when Naira debit cards aren’t working.


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Gomoney is one of the best digital banks in Nigeria that offers virtual card services. Gomoney does not provide virtual dollar card services; however, its virtual naira card has proven itself time and time again. Gomoney cards work fine on most online platforms, whether local or international.

I have been using its card to pay for my Netflix for months without issue. I have also used the card for Facebook and Instagram ads, which work fine, but I sometimes have one or two problems with them. But, from my experience, it is definitely worth giving a try.

Gomoney also recently lifted its monthly spending limit to $100 monthly. So, if your spending is within that bracket, you have nothing to worry about.


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Bitmama is a Nigerian crypto exchange platform that offers virtual dollar card services called crypto cards. Unlike other virtual card platforms, you can fund Bitmama crypto cards using digital currencies like USDT, USDC, and cUSD. With Bitmama crypto cards, you can shop anywhere in the world and pay for online services easily.

Bitmama allows you to spend more than $5,000 monthly using their card. It is one of the best options for freelancers, entrepreneurs, merchants or maybe you are into the importation business and need to pay in USD. Bitmama also offers a physical crypto card that you can use anywhere in the world and withdraw money from ATM without issues.

Vella Finance

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Vella Finance is another reliable digital bank in Nigeria with crypto exchange features that allow you to buy and sell bitcoin easily. It is one of the best payment platforms for creating a Virtual dollar card. Vella is my favourite payment solution, and this is because of its unique features.

While other platforms let you create a digital replica of regular bank cards with the same expiry model, Vella lets you create a disposable card (a one-time use card), a 30 days validity card and a year validity card. Moreover, you can fund your Vella Finance card using NGNT, USDT or BTC and use it anywhere in the world.

Vella is currently working on a physical card like Bitmama; if you’re not already a customer, register and join the waitlist to be one of the first to get it.


Virtual dollar cards can help you escape the difficulties and limitations of making payments using your local bank card. And if you’re someone who spends a lot for business or personal needs, having one of these virtual dollar card services at your disposal would be great.

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