What Will You Do With This 5 Million Naira Smartphone – Vertu Aster P

First of, I need to ask you this question. Will you buy a smartphone that cost 5 million naira ($14,000)?

My fellow Nigerians would first ask, can I reach my forefathers with such phone. Lol

Vertu which is a well-known luxury smartphone manufacturer recently announced a very expensive luxury phone called the Aster P. We all know whenever luxury phones are mention, we’re not expecting to see a high-end device but a phone which is more concentrated on the external factors rather than the internal. Although they can as well be a premium phone.

Vertu Aster P

The Aster P is handmade in the UK and the phone is covered in premium materials. Aster P sports a 5-inch Amoled display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and protected by a single-piece 133-carat sapphire crystal. The phone is covered with titanium alloy frame, sapphire glass screen and back panels made from real leather. The alloy frame is made of fifth degree titanium while the back is covered in lizard and crocodile skin.

What Will You Do With This 5 Million Naira Smartphone - Vertu Aster P

The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset which happens yo fall under the mid-range chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB non-expandable internal storage. It also runs the most recent Android 8.1.0 Oreo OS and supports dual nano sim.

In the camera department, the phone had a single front facing camera with 20MP sensor and also a single rear camera with 12MP sensor.

The device has 3200mAh battery to rely on for operation. But I think that’s way too low for a phone with such a huge price enough to build a house in my village. Although it comes with Qualcomm’s quick charge 3.0 technology.

As one would expect, the phone comes with some special features like, V Talk encryption technology which keeps your calls and messages safe and also an exclusive security app that immediately locks the device if lost or stolen, so no one would have access to your data.

Will flashing not bypass that? Well, for a luxury smartphone of that price, I don’t think flashing alone will break it’s security. I see it more like iCloud security.

Also, the phone has a special button on the side that connects you to a personalized service that can help you with stuffs like, making a travel plans, booking a table for dinner for yourself and some other interesting things you can think of.

Price And Availability

While so many rich individuals may want this, it might hurt you that the Aster P is currently exclusive to the Chinese market only.

The devices comes in three different version, the Baroque series, Gothic series and the Gold.

The Baroque series is available in Black, Gentleman Blue, Caramel Brown, and Twilight Orange and it’s available on the popular Chinese store, JD.com. it goes for CNY29,800, about $4,200 or N1,500,000 (N1.5 million).

The Gothic series is available in Black Jade and White Moon, and it starts selling at CNY35,800, around $5,100 or N1,800,000 (N1.8 million).

Finally, the Gold version which is the most premium goes for CNY98,000 which is around $14,000 or N5,000,000 (N5 million).

So, what do you think of the new Vertu Aster P smartphone? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. i was expecting more from the phone bt did not see anything interesting in the phone all the features it has u can get it more on some phone which is not even more than 200k so i think the phone is a waste of money

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