Latest WhatsApp Beta Introduces Dark Mode For Android Users

According to latest reports via WAbetainfo, WhatsApp has included a Dark Mode feature in the latest beta v2.19.82 update. While there’s no option/trick to manually enable this feature in the latest beta app, WAbetainfo was somehow able to get the feature enabled for the settings section of the app.

WhatsApp Dark Mode has been rumoured for some time now and is interesting to know that its currently in works. Several other Instant Messaging app has already started using this feature for months already, apps like Twitter, Viber and even Messenger (not yet official) and several other apps.

WAbetainfo has also shared some screenshots of Dark Mode enabled in the settings segment of the chat app.

The Dark Mode feature, however, doesn’t offer a pure black setting, instead, it adopts a dark grey colour mode. Nonetheless, it delivers a dark interface and looks pretty cool.

Also, there’s no image for the main screen and chat screen at the moment, so we can’t say what it looks like but it probably going to use the dark grey settings as well.

Just in case you rush to download the update and couldn’t find the Dark Mode option, the feature is still under development and not available for everyone to use. This update is simply letting us know the Dark Mode feature is coming to WhatsApp soon.

With Messenger and WhatsApp getting Dark Mode option, its wouldn’t be a
misconception that Instagram will also follow suit.

So, what do you think of the WhatsApp new feature? share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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