WhatsApp Is Developing Vacation Mode Feature, Silent Mode and Linked Account

WhatsApp Is Developing Vacation Mode Feature, Silent Mode and Linked Account

While we’re still expecting to see Dark Mode feature in WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned social media is working on a new feature to improve chats and notifications. In our previous update, we also talked about the new swipe to reply feature which already rolled out with the latest WhatsApp version.

The swipe to reply features helps you quickly quote a text of a person you’re chatting with or in a group instead of having to long press on the chat and then select the reply icon to quote text.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the new features WhatsApp is developing and how they can help improve chat and notification.

WhatsApp New Features

A lot of changes and interesting new features has hit the popular social media app these past few months and even though Facebook is planning to start monetizing WhatsApp, the company is still trying to make the platform better for users. The features include:

Silent Mode

By default, Silent Mode is already activated for all users and there’s no option for it in the menu to activate or deactivate. Silent Mode basically allows you to hide the app badge for muted chats.

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode on the other hand is based on the Silent Mode feature. When this feature is enabled, archived chat sessions will be prevented from becoming active again once a new message is received.

Vacation Mode

So if a chat is archived with Vacation Mode turned on, it stays archived.

The Vacation mode is particularly useful when a chat bugs you and you simply don’t want to see it on your chat list. By Muting the chat at the same time you archive it, you will never see it again, except if you view your Archived Chats.

Linked Accounts

We’ve seen Facebook linked to Instagram and WhatsApp in the mobile app and now, the company has decided to bring the link Account feature to WhatsApp. While we’re still no clear the importance of the new feature, this will allow users to link their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts. However, it may be used as a means of recovering your account should in case anything goes wrong and also allow sharing of status across both platform.

When this features becomes available, the linked account option will be located beneath your profile settings.

So, what do you think about the new features WhatsApp is developing? Tell us in the comment section.

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