WhatsApp Rolls Out ‘Joinable Calls’ Feature, Allows You To Join Missed Group Calls

Just last week, WhatsApp started rolling out a new calling UI to improve users calling experience, the update also included some features to help improve group calling. In the article, we mentioned that WhatsApp will soon enable users to join a missed group call and explained how the feature would work once release for users. Well, WhatsApp has finally begun rolling out the new group calling feature dubbed Joinable Calls.

WhatsApp joinable calls is simply a means to allow you to join an ongoing group call that you missed. Let’s say your friends or family started a group call and sent you an invite and you weren’t there to join immediately, WhatsApp will leave you a missed call with a new “Tap to Join” option for you to jump right in the call (assuming it’s still ongoing).

The Joinable calls feature is similar to what apps like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams already offers. You can simply ignore/drop calls and then join them again anytime if they’re still ongoing.

WhatsApp Joinable Calls
WhatsApp Joinable Calls

The joinable calls make it easier for you to join in a group call anytime if you’re unable to answer right away. This feature is rolling out for everyone and if you’re worried about privacy and security issues tied to using this feature, WhatsApp has made it known that it doesn’t affect its end-to-end encryption.

How to Join Missed Group Call on Whatsapp?

If you missed a group call (whether audio or video), in the WhatsApp call log, you will see a newly added option, the “Tap to join” to participate in the ongoing group call. Tap on the option and you’ll automatically be a participant in the group call.

Also, WhatsApp now shows the info of all the participants invited to the group call but has not yet joined, as well as, participants who are already in the call in the call logs section of the app. If you’re not interested in the group call for some reason, there’s an ignore button that you can tap and continue with whatever you’re doing and if you feel like joining the group again, just tap to join.

To use the new WhatsApp joinable calls feature, you need to be running the latest version of the app. You can update your app from Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS users. If you’re already running the latest version of WhatsApp and can’t find the new feature, you’ll have to wait for a while for it to get to you.

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