WhatsApp Latest Feature – You Can Now Re-download Deleted Media

WhatsApp has quietly rolled out a new feature that lets Android users re-download media files they deleted, including photos, videos, GIFs, audio clips, and documents in the App’s latest update. Mind blowing stuff from Whatsapp once again. The Facebook-owned company won’t cease to amaze us. It always one new feature after the other. Even as this feature seems to sound like a minor update, it is so critical and useful.

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Latest WhatsApp lets users retrieve deleted WhatsApp media files from existing chats

Before this latest WhatsApp update, Android users could only grab media that is not up to 30 days old, which would disappear from WhatsApp’s servers as soon as it was downloaded. But now, shared Whatsapp files including media and document files will all remain on the WhatsApp server even after download. Even when you delete from Gallery album or in storage folder, you will still have the privilege to download again.

The feature is great for recovering files you accidentally deleted from the WhatsApp album in your smartphone’s gallery.

How to retrieve deleted media on WhatsApp

It’s important to note that the re-downloading option is only available for files from chats that have not been deleted.

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If you binned the original conversation, then all its content will have vanished with it.

WhatsApp Latest Feature

With that in mind, open WhatsApp to the Chats page and find the thread that contains the file you’re after, go back to the conversation and you’ll find the blurred thumbnail there with a download button again. Tap it, and you’ll have your images back. Thos feature is tested with images, GIFs, videos, audio, and documents. So you should be able to get back anything you mistakenly erased.

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It’s as easy as that.

To get this new feature if it’s not already active on your device, download the latest WhatsApp version 2.18.205 here or from Google play store.

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